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The Spanish Charity founded by Conor Hannah in 2017

This week at the Charity

I had a busy satisfying week at the charity here in Valencia,. Spain. The highlight was providing a van conversion to Conchi. This woman has lived in a small two-man tent for the last 3 years. She was in tears when I presented her with a proper bed (thanks IKEA) to sleep in!
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Video of the work of the Charity

The charity was started in 2015 by Conor Hannah, founder of

Its activties are principally focused in Spain where Conor lives with his Spanish wife and 3 children.
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Conors Charity makes a big difference helping:

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People who live in ruins or abandoned buildings
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People who live on the street
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Immigrants who have no acccess to state aid.
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The charity provides a 'food bank' type operation

Gallery donations help to improve the quality of life of around 3000 people each week, from providing a hot meal to the homeless, drinking water to those without a water supply, to providing shoes for children to go to school.

Businesses Who Help

Many leading Spanish businesses provide materials to help the work of the charity.

We are proud to say that the charities main contributor is Ltd

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Transportes Casanova

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Cárnicas Serrano

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Amazon Paterna

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Lotes de España

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SP Berner

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View more colaborators (about 25 in total)

The Sellingantiques charity created a water distribucion system to enable families who live in ruins (mainly imigrantes) to have a water supply.

The charity distributes 200,000 litres of water each month.

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Kitchen for the Homeless

Conor decided to create a central kitchen to prepare meals for the homeless. Presently (March 2021) the kitchen is producing 1000 meals each week. The meals are distributed in the eveninig to people living on the streets.

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Up to 400 meals can be produced each day
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The kichen prepares meals 5 days a week
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Hot meals are distributed to the homeless in the night
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The kitchen is licensed by the Spanish Government to distribute meals to the homeless
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Ayuda Una Familia

Spanish Facebook

The charity only has a Facebook presence in Spain but Conor is trying to find the time to set up an English one!

It is regularly updated - even though it's in Spanish you'll find the photos interesting to see.

of water distributed each week to families who live in abandoned buildings
who receive help from the charity each week
go directly to helping the poor. The running costs of the charity are paid for by